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So what ha happened was....

I have spent the last day conversing with a gentleman who frankly I believe may be on some sort of medication…that’s not working. He reached out to me with a long, thorough and confusing email. 1,764 more words

Finding me?

Hey everybody!

So lately I’ve been getting down on myself about a particular topic. This “topic” has gotten me down before and it’s just one of those things that never leaves my head, and I just can’t stop thinking about it. 249 more words

Morning Thoughts

Seven days of playing hide-and-seek with my words; seven days of being utterly clueless as to how to transfer the thoughts and ideas in my head to the screen. 392 more words



Deep inside this bottomless pit… Vast and empty im surrounde by it.

An atmosphere of nothingness it suffocates the light… Destroying all but the darkness so bright… 70 more words


Then I got what I wanted
It wasn’t what I needed
The goal I set before myself
Retreated, fled, receded
And now I grasp at emptiness… 55 more words


A Jar of Piss

So um… something weird happened to me last night.

First some back-story. My cousin flats with me & pretty much every week he gets me to drive him to a public spring water tap in town. 505 more words



I miss love so much. I miss the way I feel when I’m in love. The way my body craves someone. I miss it so much. 128 more words