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Being Replaced 

I’m at my moms house tonight. It’s so frigging hot I can’t sleep.

I’m just so angry and frustrated and I want to cry. I’m sick of my immature sister who’s always looking for a fight. 315 more words


Maybe I don’t want to be sad anymore. Maybe I want to stop crying. I just want to wake up one morning, feel the sun on my face and think about how wonderful it is to be alive. 273 more words

Word Problems

I fear that my mind is
more beautiful than I am;
I fear that maybe
I was born outside in,
beholding the world
from the inside out.



Dear Journal 08/01/12

Basically, I thought yesterday was the best day of my life until I went to the mall with my friends and saw him, C… I thought I loved this boy and I was done trying to convince myself otherwise.

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I am Virgin Mary #2

I’m kinda stuck at the moment… The guy that I told my friend I like, well we’ve been hanging out, he’s amazing and funny but, the downside with him is that he’s moving way too fast. 169 more words


Hey guys! I have been sooooo busy these past few days with all of my school work and my upcoming choir competition. I honestly wasn’t sure that I should write about today but I chose something that all of you girls reading this can relate to. 258 more words

My curse? My blessing?


My Curse? My Blessing?

I have delayed writing this post for quite a while, because I know it could come across as a ploy to gain attention. 1,133 more words