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Talkgirlie's blog no. 1

How do you begin your blog? I’m not sure- but I’ll give it a go…

  • My boyfriend infuriates me

Right now that’s all that springs to mind. 183 more words


My Bestfriend

It’s very hard for me to say what’s on my mind. I guess I can never get the words to come out correctly, I start to second guess myself, make excuses and just brush it under the rug. 396 more words

Slaying My Vampire

Vampire, Vampires everywhere.
They walk in the day. Often unseen.
What was once an angel you see.
Death awaits, if you embrace it you’ll see. 145 more words


what is life, even?

On June 13th, 2014, I made my first post about how I have blog commitment issues… and now eight months have gone by since my last post… haha. 514 more words

What Color Do YOU See?

Alright, my dear followers. Hold on tight, because I’m going to take you on a visual journey.

This picture was posted on Tumblr yesterday. The question creating all of the controversy? 166 more words



All his life things have been changing,

His friends, dreams, and even preferences.

But some things have always stayed the same

No matter how much he tried to change them. 162 more words