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Can't Remember The Original Trauma That Haunts Me - Should I Confront Abuser?

Hi. I ve just turned 50. When I was a child, my parents fought a lot and at some point, my mother killed two litters of kittens (and maybe the cat moms – not sure) in front of my brother and me as a way to get back at my father (he blamed her for letting our two female cats get pregnant – why they didn t spay them is beyond me – just ignorant). 52 more words

Bring it out and deal with it...

What’s hidden beneath your dress?

Bring it out and deal with it.

What’s that mask you’re wearing just now?

Pull it off and deal with it. 10 more words


Confrontation – A key element of the New Testament – yet today the ultimate sin

The definition of the “Confrontation” is as follows – per Oxford Dictionary: 1. The bringing of persons face to face; esp. for examination and eliciting of the truth. 472 more words


Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Service

I feel the need to interrupt the regularly scheduled service of daily practices to share my sermon from Sunday. I am convinced that we are at such a time that my tribe, white Euro American, cisgender, educated, and wealthy need to get out of the way of the progress of others. 2,574 more words

Spiritual Practice

Integrity, Morality and Ethics, Defined

Integrity: A state or condition of being whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, in perfect condition.

Morality: In a given society, in a given era of that society, morality is the generally-accepted standards of what is desirable and undesirable; of right and wrong conduct, and what is considered by that society as good or bad behavior of a person, group or entity. 59 more words


Most people wait for the decisive moment,

Most people wait for the decisive moment, whereas people of power are decisive in the moment. – Werner Erhard

Thoughtful Tweets


The word emerges along to through.
Though I extended to tried.
Carries no essence.
The worth I always believe to.
Within on senses.
By hand, 8 more words