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Shaming is an important tool for societal conformity: Society is more important than an individual


Shaming has always been used by society to enforce conformity. Without such non-violent tools, controlling the behaviour of specimens comprising any society would have been impossible. 4,531 more words


Nourish the New Age

Growing up I was bullied a lot. While not a good thing fairly normal product of our society both young and old. There was however one instance that stuck in my head more than anything else ever did. 334 more words


We have come to congratulate you on your recent admission to the Ebb: A Poem

Your hands are loaded with absence as you make your way through the vessels of the terrain.

The land is pulsing, and so are you. Your footsteps are the heartbeat of this earth. 156 more words


Optimism as compulsion

One of the difficult things about sharing my ideas and experiences is that my outlook isn’t chipper.  In polite society, toeing the line of optimism is practically nonoptional. 441 more words


Another Fashion Strikeout!

Tried out some new clothes at work today. After losing so much weight I can now fit them, in fact my skinny pants that I was waiting to try out are now too big lol. 88 more words