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To conform or not to conform

About a week ago I was with some friends talking about a new business venture. One, that if it actually happened, would stand me to make quite possibly a decent living embracing my other skills. 721 more words

Here I stand

This blog I am writing as my first post. The reason is because this poem triggered me to make a blog.

Here I stand

Smiling sadly in the spring… 89 more words


Windows has installed new updates

I was gone last weekend – no computer, technology limited to my cell phone, and lots of snow –mounds of it, in fact. We were at our cabin in the north where life runs at a slightly slower pace. 621 more words

That's Life

Normally Acceptable

The other night, I kept thinking and thinking about what I read before going to sleep and that prompted this post. I’m still thinking about it; wondering if there is a way to answer the questions I left at the end. 363 more words


Generation of Clay

Here me out. We are like clay. Human-immortal-clay. Easily changed and molded by the things that surround us. What we eat affects how we look and how we perform. 473 more words


Do not conform – February 25, 2015

My children, do not conform to the world again. You are all still in the world but not all of you are off it. You belong to Me and My everlasting Kingdom. 232 more words


August 4th

London, UK

Oblivious to your insignificance,

You strut along

Alone on the streets

In a city so full, but bleak

Without a clue. 998 more words