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being one's true self

To be one’s self and unafraid whether right or wrong,
is more admirable than the easy cowardice of surrender to conformity.
-Irving Wallace

It is not easy to be one’s self and be unafraid. 505 more words


Block 76

Moving to Tokyo was a freedom decision
Left family & school behind to taste protocol invention
Bright colors outlining the seamless floorbed
Anime glaring through the glass tube… 72 more words


Done With the Daily Cubicle Drone Part 2


Here we are, smack in the middle of my rant against the mind-numbing, conformist office world.

What is the point of this part? 702 more words

It's All About the Form!

From a young age we are always learning the importance of form.  

We learn to speak by repeating and forming our lips to make our sounds and words. 706 more words

Not Fitting In... And Being OK With It

I have spent the past few days reflecting on my past… cleaning out closets and storage bins, looking through photo albums and perusing the pages of old friends on Facebook. 1,042 more words

Passion Piece

self-perception based on societal norms.

Some moments I ponder , I tend to want to forget about all the embarrassing moments in my life. However usually those moments, tell you the most; of where you are and should go, what you need to change about yourself only for yourself, what you truly are. 910 more words

Should Men Put Videogames Away As "Childish Things" For Their Wives / Girlfriends?

This tale is as old as 1989.

Boy meets girl. Girl dislikes boys hobby. Boy gives up hobby for girl. Girl gives up nothing. Swap the genders; swap the roles. 529 more words