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I’m in the middle of reading and dozing when Toro knocks on my door, and enters. I fold the page on my John Grisham novel and sit up. 922 more words

Rural Life

Double standards?

To many the issue of feminism is the degrading of men or the overthrow of men but to many women out there it is an escape from the past norms of society in which people of the 21st century still live by? 515 more words


Scattered Thoughts

I was going through my roommate’s tumblr and in one of the posts she was talking about what she wanted to do with her tumblr. She concluded with saying that she wanted it to be a collection of scattered thoughts triggered by happenings around her and it made me think of a piece that I impulsively drew for my art exhibition 2 hours before the exhibition was suppose to be open to the public.  96 more words


Q&A: Less than ideal partnership?

Q: In general, how do you recommend dealing with a partner situation that is less than ideal?

I don’t want to feel limited by my partner in the coming years. 352 more words


Sex is food

So, there is this fellow, I forgot his name.
He says you can punish children, you can take things away from them, but never take away their food. 564 more words


Top five videos to help you learn more about press freedom across the world

1. This CNN news bulletin focuses on press freedom discussing the phone hacking scandal in the UK whilst making interesting comparisons with the state of press freedom in the USA. 153 more words

A Battlefield for Blind Slaves

“We do not react to reality. We react to our perception of reality.”

The Blind Men and the Elephant

In a famous ancient story, a group of blind men are taken to an elephant to learn what it is like. 894 more words