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A strange mirror in the Amazon frontier

I was born in Jacundá, but I did not know these stories. I did not know my story, the story of the place I came from.

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Four Conflicts in a Relationship

When you meet that special person, sometimes you have romantic comedy-like expectations.

Your heart skips a beat every time you see them, butterflies flutter around in your stomach and you are fully convinced that this person is perfect. 626 more words


He/She cheated on you, so what???

I cannot count how many mails I have received from young ones who are just in relationships who claim that their significant other has cheated on them and because of that, their lives seemed to be over. 618 more words


Rig: v. to give an unjust advantage to one side of a conflict(s) and/or competition

Humans have frequently complained that a game, sport, election, or competition was rigged. 372 more words

Common Sense

I Shut The Damn Door

Tic toc! Tic toc! Tic toc!

I woke up to the sound of my beating alarm clock.

Turned over, grabbed my phone and made it… 1,823 more words


Any man can make it if his wife truly believes in him ( Part 1)

Adam and Eve

Any man can make it if his wife truly believes in him ( Part 1)

One of the most painful counselling sessions I’ve had was with a couple some years ago. 643 more words

Our Tiny String of Hope

The undeniable space has pushed us to what seems like opposite ends of this critical cold world. What was once a bond tighter than peptides is now a frayed rope holding itself together by one tiny strand. 279 more words