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South China Sea On The Brink Of War?

The Spratly Islands are an unremarkable scattering of reefs and sandbars in the South China Sea. But, rich in resources and claimed by six countries, could they be the trigger for the world’s next major conflict? 230 more words

Relationships Corner: Dealing With People You Don’t Like

Some days I feel like I am not a people person. Humans can start to irritate me after awhile and then I don’t want to be around them any longer (which is probably the reason why the thought of marriage kinda freaks me out—to be with the same person day after day for the rest of my life, ahhh). 680 more words


Syrian rivals locked in heavy clashes over Aleppo

A rebel alliance and Syrian government forces have been locked in a battle in and around Aleppo city with President Bashar al-Assad’s regime seeking to repel major offensive with heavy air strikes. 239 more words


Beirut, Lebanon

For many, Beirut is a byword for conflict and chaos. Having been at war with itself and neighbouring Israel on and off between 1975 and 2006, and suffering the spillover of the war in Syria at present, it is a wonder that anything still exists here. 1,139 more words

Middle East

Sanitizing the History of War

The study of history can be a wonderful method of instilling patriotism and civic pride into a nation. During the early years of the Cold War, the study of history was viewed as a vital way to instill the notion that the home nation was virtuous and grand, but opposition to a sanitized version of history was growing even as ultra-patriotism became a propaganda tool. 805 more words


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The Theory of Everything Else

As writers we create alternate realities or at the very least we believe that we do. Our plotting, character development, and the time we spend writing must shift time and space if not for us then for our readers. 557 more words

That's Mine

Sometimes because of something we care deeply about, we may state our case in forceful ways. We want to make a point, and we want to be clear. 519 more words