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Is There Any Truth to Allegations of Atrocities in the US-Dakota War of 1862?

Today’s post is a long one (fair warning).  It’s an in-depth discussion of this question: Is there any truth to contemporary claims and later repetition of the charges that during the US-Dakota War the Indians committed violent atrocities and mutilations on a wide scale?  12,049 more words

They say time heals everything...

This past weekend has been one for the books. Not only was it a milestone in my relationship but a real game changer. How can something bring so much joy to ones life but also be an anchor to drag you down. 1,348 more words

Things That Are NEVER Okay!


This blog is all about making our relationships as strong as possible, even though we are all imperfect beings in relationships with other imperfect beings. 691 more words


Out Of The Writing...

While working on Cadaver Dog, I created a character on the fly to get through a scene, and now that character is a permanent supporting cast member. 265 more words


Encouraging To Abandon Babies Or Saving Innocent Lives???

I was scrolling through sky news and came across an article titled boxes for unwanted babies. Boxes for unwanted babies? I thought to myself before I actually clicked on the page which lead to some brief shocking but not very shocking information. 537 more words

Baby Boxes

An Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr. Cameron,


Much of the international community’s attention recently has been focused to the situation in Eastern Ukraine and on the Crimean Peninsula.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has been harshly criticized for his actions regarding Ukraine and even been sanctioned.   252 more words