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I managed to get a picture of our daughter pop-riveting the replacement panels in place (she hates having her picture taken).

Basically it’s clamp everything lightly together, move it around until it’s aligned, clamp it tightly and then pop-rivet it all together.  123 more words

365 Days of Gratitude - Day 90

Hanging with my 16 year old…

Watching her try new food, introducing her to business peers and seeing how well she responds, for walking through a gallery and finding she’s genuinely interested! 36 more words

Alcohol : Societies Social Glue

It’s nearly Friday. You want to unwind, or better… clear your muddled brain from the work week by letting your inhibitions run wild. Maybe you’re the type that goes all out and desires the club scene, drinks, dancing, and staying out until the bars close, the bouncers nearly forcing you out. 1,146 more words


Makeup, we all have our routine and here is how I do my step by step.

  1.  I usually tweeze up my eyebrows.
  2.  Next I use a face primer where I apply all the face including eye lids.
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Holiness' Disposition

Holiness does not consist in this or that practice; it consists in a disposition of heart which makes us humble and little in the arms of God, well aware of our feebleness, but boldly confident in our Father’s goodness.

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Learning to love yourself before you love anyone else

A lesson in life, love is blind, that is why the other lesson in life is to love yourself before you love anyone else. Because when you love yourself first , you know who you are, which means you will not settle for anyone less than what you know you deserve which in turn will bring a compatible person, someone who loves you at your worst and damn sure deserves you at your best. 554 more words

Single Life

Forgive Me Body, For I Have Sinned

Someone once said to me that I seem preoccupied with the word “should.” I had an idea as to what this day and that relationship should look like, and was left disappointed when reality failed to match. 226 more words

Thoughts On Things