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Hello Beautiful!

I’m determined to grow My Hair to MY WAIST! I started my hair journey back in 2013, and was just about waist length but life got so hectic I discontinued my hair regimen and mt hair suffered! 201 more words


Hair treatment for Sebum build-up

Nobody loves a good shampooing from the hairdresser as much as I do. It’s seriously my favorite part of getting my hair cut.

In between cuts, though, I get this weird build up on my crown. 328 more words


Check In: Week 8 - Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!

by Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND

I’d love to hear from anyone, who loves their shampoo and conditioner, if it passes the “clean test.” I think this is perhaps one of  the toughest categories. 246 more words


VWC Ultimate Hair Repair Serum - An Excuse to Sniff Me?

I consider my hair to be at least a sentient semi-autonomous-part of my body and though I usually trust it, it can be difficult keeping it from caressing people it likes and stopping it strangling those it doesn’t, so I wouldn’t want to hear what it may sometimes say behind my back. 2,181 more words


My Natural Hair Journey - 3rd Year Anniversary Since BC

Hello My Darlings,

Welcome to a very late post but wanted to fully inform you all of my hair progress. I cannot believe it has now been 3 years since my BC.  821 more words

Natural Hair

Top haircare products for sensitive skin

I react very randomly to some haircare products, loads are fine then occasionally i use one that leaves me dunking my head in cold water, ice bucket challenge style, as i feel like my scalp is on fire. 433 more words


Grow It Long, Grow It Strong

I have been a fan of long hair my whole life. It’s beautiful, fun to style (usually), and can be empowering when you have lots of volume going on. 637 more words