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I have but recently returned from the valley of the shadow of death. I am rapturously breathing in all the odours and essences of life.

That and many other choice snippets of pseudo-philosophical jargon intersperse the strange visual experience of Waking Life. The movie is entirely “rotoscoped” which, for those unfamiliar (as I was until I looked up the unusual art style) means they’ve drawn over the top of every single frame manually to give the illusion of a lifelike cartoon. 1,453 more words



Its position as the great Jewish theater piece remains unassailable; its debut performance of the Dybukk a memorial to its creator who had died several weeks earlier. 557 more words


Joseph Roth 2

He spent his last four days of life in this world suffocating from pneumonia and stalked by delirium tremens. Among the throng of mourners at the grave-site eight came forward and carefully pushed the presiding Catholic priest aside and then intoned the Kaddish, each taking their turn to spill a shovel-full of dirt on the coffin lowered into the ground. 160 more words


My Father’s Violin 1

When my father was in his forties he precipitously took up playing the piano. His posture at the keyboard, elegant and authoritative, immediately announced a virtuosity that disappeared in the first few notes of Fur Elise, notes that drove a stake into the heart of Beethoven’ intentions, so that we all felt injured, damaged by the constantly atrocious sounds emanating from the belly of the infected piano. 510 more words


Karma and consciousness

The world we live in is a marvellous wonderful place created by a higher power. Look around you, have you really seen the beauty and marvel I talk about? 246 more words


En Route

Today I am En Route to make my life better and I want all of you to follow me. Wake up today fully charged and ready to do something for yourself. 234 more words