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Life is a wild ride, isn’t it? It’s a crazy, inconsistent, ironically beautiful and ambiguous kind of wild.
Be wild right along with it.
Go with it. 177 more words


Lucky stars.

Last night, after the day started winding down, after all the hot wheel races had been raced, dinner had been devoured, bob was done buildin, dancin shoes had been danced right off, all the love had been made, the kisses sealed, signed, and delivered, heart was swept up, up and away and was somewhere up amongst the clouds and baby boy snores were echoing through the hallways of my little home, I laid my head down and turned on pandora to Garth crooning about unanswered prayers. 419 more words


Happy Grateful Heart

I want to implore you to read this… Read it twice or three times over and allow yourself to soak in every last word on this picture here. 352 more words


We are not from here

Not from here, then why bother;
Live out loud, not in the shroud.

Not from here, could we go there;
there is no escape, only the mistake. 125 more words


Merging into God (It's more than a dream!)

Last nights dream was epic. I felt that if I could have captured it somehow it would no doubt be Hollywood film material.

In fact it seemed to weave together so many movies I’ve seen and enjoyed. 551 more words


What is Consciousness?

The feeling of awakedness and consciousness can be almost overwhelming – in a good way.  I had to rest my hand on my chest as the moment took my breath away. 544 more words


Freedom by Lynne Gordon-Mundel

What if everything you believe is wrong? What if we have been raised within illusion, within a complex mythology so persuasive,  so familiar, so deceptively safe, that it is invisible to most people? 76 more words