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Poverty consciousness

He stays in a penthouse

Atop the most luxurious buildings

In a bustling Metro

He globe-trots in business class

To attend meetings as often as twice a month… 132 more words


Peter Eugene Ccn Solutions Of The Planet talks to Jonah Bey

If you missed this most informative recent call with brother Peter and brother Jonah on CCN..

This is from the 14th of April and covers much ground on many topics including authentication and many other topics all need to hear… … 420 more words

Open Source Journalism

What is competition?

  1. “Competition in biology, ecology, and sociology, is a contest between organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc., for territory, a niche, or a location of resources, for resources and goods, mates, for prestige, recognition, awards, or group or social status, for leadership.”

  2. 408 more words

The power of words: Confidence

Well, I was watching a tv show lately that made me question myself.Am I really confident? Or i hide beneath a wall of lies? Truth Be told, in all this time i’ve chosen the lie over the reality, because obviously it’s easier for the mind to deal with IT in a way that IT doesn’t alterate the ilusion. 102 more words

Forever one

I ask myself, what my heart already knows.
I love Him, I love Him
The one inside me, love breaks my heart
and I learn from the edge of pain to curvy line of dreams. 180 more words


What Harm Can Come From Desiring to Control?

           How many of us have gotten mad at another for their actions or lack of actions? All of us. We all have a fundamental desire to control our lives, which why should we not we are co-creators here. 448 more words


Giving up Facebook for Lent (mostly)

February 18th, Ash Wednesday I posted this on facebook:

Dear everybody.
I have been here, scrolling facebook though I haven’t been posting much. But here’s the thing, it can so easily be a vortex for my time and energy. 1,088 more words