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Playing Tennis in Canada

Tennis is not an easy sport. Especially if you’re living in Canada. The long winters  are an obstacle when you’re trying to search for a court, unless you’re willing to spend $40 an hour to rent an indoor one. 312 more words



You’ve got this inferiority complex, and I know that you cry
at the moon when you think that no-one has ever loved you
or ever will. 242 more words


Free-Range Parenting (Alternate Title- AD Makes Everyone Mad)

Unless you’ve slipped into a coma in the last week or so, you’ll no doubt have run across the story of the parents who let their 10 and 6 year old kids go off to the park alone. 1,184 more words

This is the Point

Every day I wonder what the plan is. Not just for me, or you. Everybody. What is our plan, our governments plans, what is industry thinking we are going to do. 18 more words


Lincolnway here I come

The few parents that showed up the other night at Drew’s Lacrosse game made mention to the fact that it is so unusual that the athletic department would schedule two really far away games for 15-17-year-old boys in one week. 166 more words


Profound wisdom. (flash fiction)

Opening his office window Gibson peered down at the teeming mass below. Bedlam! Cars jockeyed for places, taxis honked impatiently, and multitudes thronged the pavements surging home. 447 more words