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Have We Neglected Post Natal Recovery?

Post natal care and post natal recovery has a big emphasis in the Chinese culture and also in Chinese medicine. We find that the better the woman recovers after birth, 714 more words

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Conception and Fertility Acronyms - What Do They All Mean?!

If you’ve been reading bits and pieces of this blog, or indeed any conception and pregnancy forum, you will have noticed quite a few acronyms! The TTC community do love their acronyms! 189 more words

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The 'Helpful Bunnies' are coming!

One of the things I’ve found, with any problem I’ve had is that as soon as you start talking about it, certain people will repeatedly try and offer you some sort of ‘helpful’ advise, that is given with the best intentions but ultimately fails to hit the mark – I have come to call them my ‘Helpful Bunnies’. 810 more words




ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S CLASSIC REAR WINDOW IS THE ULTIMATE GUILTY PLEASURE, and not just because the Master of Suspense is at the peak of his edge-of-your-seat powers in the telling of its thrilling murder story. 418 more words


Random Musings- Part 38- Notes on Garbadhanam

Nithin Sridhar

Garbadhanam is a conception ritual wherein a Husband transfers his Semen to his wife with chanting of mantras for the purpose of conceiving a child. 562 more words

Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope Saliva Based Fertility Test

It can be very useful to test for ovulation when trying to conceive. This is because an egg only survives for 24 – 48 hours after being released. 398 more words

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PHOTOGRAPHY, IF IT TRULY IS AN ART (and I’m assuming you believe it is), can never get to a place where it’s “done”. 374 more words