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More Swords in Progress

Once I’m done with these last two swords, I think I’ll work on some vehicle and environment concepts for awhile. I love designing weapons, but I need to expand my repertoire. 70 more words

Us Claire Force

Cliff city concept

Brief: design a cliff-side building or city

Thumbnails: I go through a bunch of ideas before I’m…somewhat satisfied with the design and composition

The final cliff city! 6 more words

Concept Art

New Home concept

For Drawing class we had to write a story and create a concept piece based on a chosen scene. My story is a simple tale about a curious little boy who discovers a new world atop the mysterious lighthouse at the edge of town.

Concept Art

D'vorah (Mortal Kombat X) re-design project

  Brief: re-design a character from Mortal Kombat X for 2017. Take inspiration from a fashion movement.

Value studies

Styles from left to right: Deconstructionist, Cyberpunk, Rock

TurnaroundFinal watercolour concept design render

Concept Art

Totem Pole process

Final project design brief: design a totem pole atop or near a waterfall

So after the initial silhouettes and line drawing were made, we sculpted our totem poles and photographed them to use as reference for lighting and layout/composition. 59 more words

Concept Art

Star Sword Concept

Number three in line of weapon concepts, here is the latest sword I designed. I wanted to do a weapon with a more whimsical theme, akin to the keyblades in  9 more words


Frost Sword Concept Art

Here’s the second concept in the new rendering style I’ve been working in. This one actually took longer than the previous “evil” sword concept I generated two days ago, despite it being conceptually less intricate. 34 more words