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Hello Folks!

Character design exercise that evolved into a fight scene. Ole’! 32 more words


Sketchbook Randomness

Sometime you gotta let these ideas out…

These quick sketches are also good to apply some technique you think would work. I think in these I was practicing depth. 22 more words


Rover, Roll Over

More than anything, I love personal projects. These bust at the seams with life and spontaneity…

I really want to try and take these busts to another level, which explains the circular element in the background. 61 more words


General Ursus

Another commission I was lucky enough to work on. The client wanted my own take on the Planet of the Apes General. I had to do some studies on the helmet, since that was the one thing that would give any clue as to who this was. 57 more words



Here was another commission I was fortunate enough to do. I love being able to do my own interpretations of creatures and monsters. All that was requested by the client in this one was the forward facing view… 17 more words


I Think I'm Back

It’s been a long time and an interesting journey. Life has had me distracted, but I’m here to fill you in on a bit of what I’ve been up to. 111 more words