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Doubling Distributor Hall Resolution

A stranger going by the handle of Red1600i was working on putting sequential fuel injection into his VW Beetle using a standard distributor with Hall sensor and an upgraded vane wheel to get accurate engine position and timing. 427 more words


Why are desktop PCs superior

Long time no write!

I would like to apologize all of readers and viewers for my long absence. Quite unfortunately, I was swamped with work and had hardly any spare time for sleep. 471 more words


'Selfie' makes it to French dictionary Le Petit Larousse

 LONDON: Selfie, named ‘Word of the Year’ by the Oxford dictionary in 2013, has now been officially included in the most popular French dictionary. Le Petit Larousse has announced that 150 new words will be included in its 2016 edition – and one of the most high-profile new words is ‘selfie’,” Telegraph reported. 161 more words


Using Linkedin To Get a Job

The book I read to research this book was How To Get A Job Using Linkedin by Sebastien Ace which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. 222 more words


Should Computing be in Classrooms?

Response to WSJ article: Does Technology Belong in the Classroom? 

What’s the Question?
“Does technology belong in the classroom?” is the wrong question. Instead, we should be asking; “Is the classroom the best technology for this student to learn this lesson?” The answer depends on the student and the content of the lesson more than on the wrapper – classroom, informal group or solo space with distance presentation device. 850 more words


Unix/Linux Vs Windows #2

Presently, I am exploring the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack of tools. One of the Logstash scripts I am working on, is to parse a Java stack trace. 102 more words