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Be your narrative

Does anyone remember the year 1998? It was the time of adolescence and the emergence of a powerful tool called the Internet. I still remember growing up in the Middle East, how this service that seemingly connected you with the world made its way into our lives. 814 more words


Pair Programming on You Tube

I like this video as it is a simple introduction to working together to code on the computer.


IWB - Money well spent?

While observing a lesson in a secondary school I noticed how accurate the orientation of the writing was on the white board. The teacher’s handwriting was very neat and did not appear to be affected by the interactive interface. 132 more words


How to make a bootable USB using CMD in windows.

Insert the flash disk onto your computer then open command prompt (CMD) as an administrator.
On the terminal type the following in order as below: 58 more words




Several techniques have been devised to penetrate computer systems. These includes: guessing passwords, exploiting software bugs, Trojan horses, buffer overflow attack, address spoofing, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache poisoning, fake ICMP (Internet Control Management Protocol) or RIP(Routing Information Protocol) packets, SYN flooding, Ping of death, TCP session hijacking, UDP spoofing, Remote Procedure Calls, etc. 390 more words