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Why are desktop PCs superior

Long time no write!

I would like to apologize all of readers and viewers for my long absence. Quite unfortunately, I was swamped with work and had hardly any spare time for sleep. 488 more words


HP’s financial declines and business challenges persist as the vendor prepares to split

By Stephen Belanger, Analyst

HP solidifies its plans to split into 2 companies in November 2015

HP’s corporate revenue decreased a reported 6.8% year-to-year to $25.5 billion in 1Q15, as revenue from each of the vendor’s business units declined on a year-to-year basis. 886 more words


Videos on Getting Started With Cloud Computing

A number of people have asked if I would post links to videos that provide useful introductions to Cloud Computing. Believe it or not, there are many, many videos on this topic posted on YouTube, and I will post here links to those that I think might be useful if you are getting started with cloud computing. 59 more words


Floors Game Design

Ask any groups of children what they like to do in their spare time, and no doubt gaming will come into conversation somewhere along the line. 525 more words


Javascript Binary to Denary

I wrote this but I am not sure I can use it for the purpose I wanted. Feel free to use if it’s useful to you! 333 more words


Ian Livingstone applies to create 'gaming' school

A school teaching video gaming? could it work?

British games industry veteran Ian Livingstone has formally applied to launch a free school with lessons built using video gaming. 12 more words