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Dorling Kindersley Coding


Dorling Kindersley have just publlished a start coding page. It is especially good for primary aged children  and comes with a simple explanation using blockly how coding works and why it is used. 11 more words


Freedom to Freedom

Since my very early childhood I always loved tinkering with electronics. Initially, I disassembled toy trains, jeeps and motorbikes. When I received my first PC, this escalated and items such as joysticks and gaming pads fell victim to my tinkering urges. 627 more words


The Lurking Serpent...

In my previous and some earlier entries I mentioned systemd and how usually it is not a problem as long as it gets the job done well. 499 more words


The Price of Popularity

To begin with, the operating system (OS) landscape circa half a century ago was tremendously dynamic. Initially, Unix dominated almost the entire market. Later, Microsoft’s and IBM’s Desktop Operating System (DOS) appeared, to be later superseded by MS-DOS with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) and finally Windows. 396 more words