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A Hologram of Humanity

Apathy is at the root of modernity. Apathy is the heart of entertainment, and by ‘entertainment’ I mean not only the film or music industry, but the entire, passive philosophy of living which sluggishly floats through the veins of modern life. 516 more words


Behold the power of regular expressions...

Ever wonder how often various words occur in the King James Bible?

I did.  I also wondered how quickly I could come up with a list. 215 more words


Just a little thought.......

Hello Everyone!!!!

How are you all doing? Hope the weather is better where you are. It’s really windy here on the West coast of Ireland and the wind is picking up. 1,197 more words

Rage against the IT

A now-defunct, grad-student-written help page for printing in my department began with the sentence, “Printing doesn’t really work at .”  It went on to describe some options that might, if one were lucky, produce pieces of paper with ink, and where those pieces of paper might be found in the building. 336 more words

"You'll Need This One Day"

Remember in high school, sitting in your least favorite class on a really beautiful day when you’re stuck inside? Thinking to yourself “When will I… 179 more words


Matrix Tricks

Wired up, plugged in, techy blue heaven of cables and cords.