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Do you know what technologies are used, what there vulnerabilities are and how much you are exposed?
I`ll keep you up-to-date with the newest changes!


Technical problems

Have been having technical problems since returning home. These happened at the same time as my domain name was due for renewal. You will be able to find future posts at http://www.judithlesleymarshall.wordpress.com.

Travel Writing

Worthless Words

In LIFE we create so much DEATH.  It almost does not make any logical sense.  Everyday we speak MANY worthless words which actually create the environment in which we live.   569 more words

Our life like a computer

Our life is like a computer connected to the internet (spiritual world).

While we try to send and receive from God, viruses (sin, worldliness) are also trying to make it down into our life, we need a reliable antivirus (the Holy Spirit) which is bought and installed (invited into our heart) after we signed necessary agreement (given our life to Jesus) and ready to remove disturbing software (sin, unbelief, self-righteousness, worldliness. 354 more words


Building the prototypes

Hi, at this time of writing, I’ve been thinking of what things that can be added to my own projects. Well, actually, my webapps. At this time, I’m building and responsible for 3 prototypes that I’ve been developing until now. 65 more words