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Why Clients are Unhappy with Technical Services and why is Quantum different

If you have been unsatisfied with the customer service of your previous company, there are many reasons for this. Today, not only the demands of the customers have increased drastically, but the number of customers for every company on an average has increased as well. 263 more words

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આ સેટિંગ્સ Apply કરો, કોમ્પ્યૂટરમાં કામ થઇ જશે એકદમ EASY.

યુઝર્સ ભલે કોમ્પ્યુટર પર કામ કરતા હોય પરંતુ તેમને કોમ્પ્યુટરથી જોડાયેલી કેટલીક નાની નાની વાતનો ખ્યાલ નથી હોતો. ઝડપથી બદલાઇ રહેલી ટેક્નોલોજીના જમાનામાં તેઓ કેટલીય વાતો શીખી લે છે પરંતુ કેટલીક એવી ટિપ્સ છે જેના પર પર તેમનુ ધ્યાન નથી જતુ.

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Data Recovery Easy Way

Did you accidentally delete some important files? Need to recover your Data? Don’t worry because there is always easy solution to recover this problem.

Learn how to recover deleted, lost, or missing files. 393 more words

Computer Tips

How to Boosting your computer

If you’ve taken all the steps listed from this article and try to get the optimum performance , then you have to consider some extra tricks. 588 more words

Computer Tips

World Back Up Day

Ever lost an important computer file? Suffered a system failure?

Celebrate World Back Up Day by backing up your computer files, saving those precious photographs, and storing additional copies of important documents in multiple safe places. 20 more words

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Why Data Backup Is Essential?

Whether or not you prossess a big firm or perhaps work your small business from your home, it is vital that you will be alert to the value regarding info back up and also devastation restoration. 730 more words

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