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Using Java and NetBeans to Teach High School Computer Science

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Another teacher recently asked about my experiences teaching CS and for a description of the tools and language that I used. I thought I might share my response on here, in case anyone can add to the conversation. 579 more words


Inside DeepMind The quest for artificial intelligence starts...

Inside DeepMind

The quest for artificial intelligence starts with Space Invaders. Researchers have created a new agent, capable of learning to play dozens of computer games from only minimal information.

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Q: gif, jpg, bmp, png are used as extensions for files which store

(A) Audio data
(B) Image data
(C) Video data
(D) Text data

Ans: (B) Image data

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Which was the first computer virus found in India?

Ans: ‘Happy Birthday Joshi’ the virus was first discovered in India in June 1990.

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What is loop ?

Ans: In computer programming, a loop is a sequence of
instruction s that is continually repeated until a
certain condition is reached.

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