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Introducing Afraus: an Unsupervised Fraud Detection Algorithm

The last Report to the Nation published by ACFE, stated that on average, fraud accounts for nearly the 5% of companies revenues.

on average, fraud accounts for nearly the 5% of companies revenues…

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Intersection: Knowledge Management and User Research

The dictionary definition of ‘intersection’ is; “the place or point where two or more things come together; especially : the place where two or more streets meet or cross each other” (merriam-webster.com 2015). 488 more words

Knowledge Management

New Item - There's No Place Like Patch

Ah, good old  Some people think of it as localhost. Other’s refer to it as a loopback address. But me? I just call it home. 29 more words

Should you be worried about AI?

It is not uncommon these days to look in the news and find out that another one of Silicon Valley’s famous CEOs is expressing concern regarding AI. 1,555 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Cahoon goes on to study engineering

Aerin Johnson

Senior Mary Ann Cahoon received the Award for Aspirations in Computing for her work with the robotics team.

“My sophomore year we started the robotics team and I was taking the (robotics) class,” Cahoon said. 219 more words


Experimenting with the Goodreads API

Goodreads.com is a website (now owned by Amazon.com) that aims to create a social network sorts for bookreaders. I recently started using the website heavily, primarily to archive the books I have been reading and also to get some good recommendations for lining up the next few books I can read. 304 more words

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