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Wondering why my computer is cold. Somehow the cold air that I can’t feel it is feels

That nips a good portion of my studying in the butt unless I borrow someone else’s laptop xD and just run my data of of that. 98 more words

The Journey

On Being The Bug

Sometimes life gives you a heads up when a rough patch is coming. Little signals warning that perhaps staying in bed with the covers over your head might be a good idea. 553 more words


Blogging and more.

What a frantic two days! First, the phone I use for everything stopped working and when I rang someone who said they would fix it in an hour, they didn’t. 171 more words


The Thing That Happens When I Get Ready To Start Work

Although I have never ever overslept my 5AM alarm clock to get ready to work, I manage to be late often, even though I work from home! 141 more words

Crazy Stuff

Injuries and Neck Pain

Once more I have bled for this computer. I took everything apart and checked everything over to see if anything was causing the situation where it freezes or shuts off. 891 more words


Back, with Uncle Bob

Well, I don’t actually have an Uncle Bob, not that I know of, anyway.  I was just coming up blank when trying to think of a title for this post, so this just sort of rolled out. 1,044 more words

Petty Annoyances

Sometimes things break

So, I broke my laptop. It was the weekend before my birthday and I woke up super excited to drive to GA to visit my family. 137 more words