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More workers!

So it’s summertime (well, sort of), and that means something very exciting for Them Days–SUMMER STUDENTS!

We have two students in our office this summer, Wallace and Sandra. 398 more words


Friends, Puppies & Laughter: the Cure for the Celtic Funk 

Friends of Padre Steve’s World

Last week really sucked and I do want to thank those of you who have been so kind to offer words of encouragement on the site or on other social media platforms. 1,063 more words


The Last Tomorrow

So, it’s no secret that procrastination is one of my biggest problems, if not the biggest, when it comes to writing. Due to a lack of discipline and self-control, I tend to go long stretches without writing anything at all. 996 more words

Schlemiel, Schlemiel, Potato Peel

Schlemiel, Schlemiel, Potato Peel

Predicaments. I get into them often, Why? Don’t know, don’t care. That’s material for indepth psychotherapy. I just want to know how to exit them with NO FRUSTRATION! 338 more words

Butt Boils And Boots Gone Bad

It hasn’t been one of my best weeks.

It began with a battle I seem to have once every couple of years: with a boil I get near by derriere.   354 more words


The next book

Now I’m in trouble. I’m well into the new romance but my laptop has got the jitters. It’s OK for wordprocessing but keeps telling me it can’t get onto the internet. 142 more words


Out of Office: The Prince of Darkness

Trigger Warning: boring personal shit

I meant for this post to be short ‘out of office’ message to explain where I am, but I figured halfway through I could use it as a short something to cover a few things. 510 more words