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Three Different Depictions of the Compound of Five Cubes

The most common depiction of the compound of five cubes uses solid cubes, each of a different color:

This isn’t the only way to display this compound, though. 157 more words


Various Views of Three Different Polyhedral Compounds: Those of (1) Five Cuboctahedra, (2) Five of Its Dual, the Rhombic Dodecahedron, and (3) Ten Components -- Five Each, of Both Polyhedra.

Polyhedral compounds differ in the amount of effort needed to understand their internal structure, as well as the way the compounds’ components are assembled, relative to each other. 536 more words


What are you doing? 19/6/15

This edition of ‘What are you doing?’ is one of them classic ‘I saw this in a video once and am not sure why they did it but I’m guna do it anyway’ jobbies. 359 more words


Keys to my place

Should you give your army boyfriend keys to your place? I did that a long time ago. The other army girlfriends I know have given the spare key to their enlisted significant other too. 290 more words


A Compound of the Octahedron, and a Pyritohedral Dodecahedron

This compound is the first I have seen which combines a Platonic solid (the blue octahedron) with a pyritohedral modification of a Platonic solid. Here’s what a pyritohedral dodecahedron looks like, by itself: 22 more words


Get Big

Hi, there :)

Everyone has different goals. For some people getting stronger is their main priority, for others getting lean is a goal of exceptional importance, but I feel like the most common goal amongst fitness enthusiasts is getting big. 633 more words

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