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Compositing is the process of dividing the individual elements of a render into separate passes. These passes can then be reassembled and processed with additional effects using compositing software such as Adobe After Effects or The Foundry Nuke afterwards. 313 more words


Advanced VFX, in class assignments 2 & 3

Next on the docket was to become familiar with more complex scene compositing and utilizing OpenEXR files. The cool thing about .exr files (among other things) is that they can be multilayered. 229 more words


Advanced VFX, in class assignment 1

One of our first in-class assignments was to take a green-screened actor and remove his arm. The footage was delivered as a TIF sequence, so basically instead of a .mov file, we got a folder of each movie frame as individual images. 170 more words


Air Race Show

HereĀ is my new project that I’ve been working on. I’m still having lots to do but the pre-production is almost done.


Kid Aquarius

Final shot of my compositing assessment for AIE Screen Class 2015.

The idea came from a character I created years ago about a boy in a diving suit searching for giant pearls with his father, when heĀ encounters an evil sea witch and is banished to a dreamworld he can’t escape. 84 more words


Pre glastonbury trying to get stuff done in time post!

So.. the past week has been a bit manic trying to get as much done as possible before heading off to Glastonbury for a week of no sleep, unemptied toilets & trenchfoot.. 227 more words


Final Update Before Drop

So for this post I wanted to share a sneak peek of the near final upper body before final refinements and then texturing.

It is for the film I was so lucky as to be given an opportunity to be a part of. 758 more words