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An Introduction To My Pack

Hmm, I got in a lot of trouble for my first post. Mom said I was selfish and that I should have introduced my packmates. It’s my journal, I’ll write what I want in my journal. 356 more words


Drop the Duck Waddle from the Olympic Games!

We are all familiar with the almost-drop of Wrestling from the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. With its ancient roots in Greece, the sport of wrestling is an Olympic symbol of strength, speed, and agility. 341 more words


A Social Media Marketing experiment at Sturt Road Physiotherapy

Recently I was given the role at my current workplace- Sturt Road Physiotherapy, to takeover all of the social media marketing practices implemented. I didn’t volunteer, I didn’t ask to do it, it was simply handed down to me because Im the youngest employee and upon my bosses assumption I knew what i was doing when it came to Facebook (luckily i did and luckily I’m taking Social Media Marketing as a topic at Uni). 464 more words


Competition versus Communication

It isn’t about winning or losing. Good communication lends to everyone coming out a winner. It’s about everyone coming out satisfied and happy. So much in society is turned into competition with winners and losers. 88 more words


A thank you for your support in getting UTS on ISS!

A message from the students as they currently work on their ongoing projects.

On April 25th, they will present at the Ontario Science Centre

Lovers and fighters in male competition for sex


These extend existing evolutionary mating research by specifying the mechanism of intrasexual or intersexual selection in shaping men’s weapon-like or ornament-like situational response and personality development.

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Sephora #RevolutionizeBeautiful Campaign Pitch

We have noticed that Sephora has been lacking in it’s popularity with the consumer lately.  While Sephora is still a great one-stop-shop for makeup and skincare, Ulta seems to be the first store on people’s minds.   213 more words