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Competitions Rethought

A while ago, I wrote that dance is an art, not a sport, and shouldn’t be judged (and offered a similar argument about writing). I have now attended my first dance competition, as a mother of one of the dancers, and have expanded my opinion. 305 more words


Friend of Mine…

I tried to tell you, but failed to find the right words
and the words you chose gave a different meaning
but when we lived the same paradigm we knew what… 527 more words

Creative Writing


Now that spring has sprung, so has the start of spring sports. The new activity that I’m in is tennis. The way that I view high school tennis, is extremely different compared to how I view high school swimming. 459 more words


Lovely to See You Again… Aurora

It was that time of the night just before dawn, she was trying to find her way … with the wolves… 374 more words

Creative Writing

Dealing with pre-race Jitters

You’d think that after 7 years of competitive racing, the pre-race jitters would begin to disappear, eh? Well, sorry to tell you that this is so NOT the case… What I have learned though, is how to turn those jitters into excitement and drive… rather than negative thoughts like doubt and fear (which jitters can easily turn into if you’re not careful!). 623 more words


The Things That Go Unseen

There are a lot of things that go unseen during a contest preparation. Yes, people can see and notice the changes and body transformations a competitor goes through. 1,249 more words


Competition: Image of the Year 2014/15

Members were treated to a fantastic selection of images to judge following this year’s AGM on April 8th 2015.

Winners were:

PDI of the Year… 117 more words