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"I Could Have Went Out with Him if I wanted To"

Let go of the past, please. Part of being a friend is giving your friend hints that maybe they should drop the past and move on, focus on the present in their lives. 126 more words


A Psalm for Sunday

What lies beyond SpaceTime is incomprehensible in human terms, but we’re human and can only speak our language.  (Now, we see through a glass darkly). Understanding comes through  parable and metaphor. 124 more words



As everyone and their granny has spouted off this week I thought I would have ago.

Between the ages of 18 and 20 I was depressed. 454 more words

Find Your Voice

I read things and I watch people, I am an observer by nature, and therefore am able to watch and learn before adopting certain behaviors that I think will work for me to be… 795 more words


Vegan diet worth considering?

I’ve recently come across a lifestyle that means you consume no animal products; veganism. I started reading into the benefits of cutting out meat from your diet and it seems to make sense. 136 more words



I watched a TED talk this morning by Monica Lewinsky, The Price of Shame and was moved to share it with you here.

If it also moves you as well, talk to your kids and friends about mistakes, compassion and bullying.