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Local Express premiere New York.

This past week, Shitfoot hopped aboard the Compass private jet and flew to New York. Well, Newark first because it’s way cheaper than landing in the city–we ain’t that bourgeois. 388 more words

All Goodie


So I’m terrible with directions. Totally horrendous. If I feel like we should go a certain way, that’s typically good indication of exactly the direction we shouldn’t go in… and even though I’m fully aware of my total lack of an internal clock, somehow I always try to follow my instincts anyway. 405 more words


Nokia LUMIA Watch

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Overview: I love the passion that drives designer Mohammad Mahdi Azimi, he dishes out great Nokia concepts even in the troubled times of this erstwhile phone giant. 58 more words

Product Design

A Woman of a Certain Age

A women of a certain age…and certain weight… in her right mind….should never take a tap dancing class. They tapped one way – I tapped the other. 657 more words

Soldering and GPS/Compass data

I finally managed to solder all the parts needed to get the GPS up and running.

Now it’s only a matter of getting out the actual data. 386 more words

Arduino Uno


Nope, not Harry Potter nor a person who makes clay pots; it’s actually a synonym of the word Wander. Based on an online British dictionary I read yesterday, … 220 more words


Back in San Fransico 

This view never gets old!! We are enjoying our lovely Memorial Day weekend in this beautiful city! 6 more words