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Normalised HMC5883L Compass

Fueling off my desire for wearable navigation, I’ve decided to try and use the simple HMC5883L magnetometer module to create a simple non tilt-compensated compass. As the name suggests, it currently only works on flat surfaces and tilting it will give a pretty erroneous result! 521 more words


The Static Ship

I am the Captain and Crew of this ship. The sails sit undrawn awaiting my direction. Surrounding me, an endless vista of calm ocean, a field of diamonds stretched across blue linen. 361 more words


Don't Pass Me By

The nature of the problems the welfare state is trying to solve have changed. That’s why we need to build a 21st century welfare state that puts people and relationships at its heart.

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Ancient China's Four Great Inventions - 四大发明

As if the last 1000 years of Western innovation means absolutely nothing, there is not anything more that Chinese professors and teachers love to brag about and lecture extensively on then China’s… 337 more words


Deep in thought 

Living in Oregon I have so many amazing trails to hike to. One of my go to things to do on the weekend is explore a new place within my backyard. 82 more words


Responsive CSS with Sass and Compass- Getting started

Now I have moved on to learn and gain knowledge about using Sass and Compass with CSS. This first section is about an introduction. This area covers, What is Sass and Compass?, Analyzing workflow options, Setting up a folder structure, Adding version control and Using Node.js npm with package.json.


My Seafaring Shadowbox and digital octohedron


The shadowbox, was definitely one of my favorite objects. I love using my hands, so even though it was hard, I loved making the cutouts like in the truncated octahedron project. 335 more words