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Choose Wisely..

When you’re alone with your thoughts make sure the direction chosen was the right one, we can’t lie to ourselves..


Warren Rodwell - Political Compass

Which way do YOU lean? www.politicalcompass.org 

Warren Rodwell – Political Compass:

Economic Left/Right: -5.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 2.0


Warren Rodwell

Dare to Excel

Who can believe it’s already the middle of 2015?

Not me.

It feels like just yesterday I was cracking my heart open to find the answers to my best self. 1,176 more words


Alumni Profile - Advanced Reporting Capstone

Loyola Compass is the online magazine for LUC’s School of Communication alumni. I interviewed Elisabeth Mistretta or my capstone, Advanced Reporting.

If you understand the phrase, “It takes a village,” you understand the work of Elisabeth Mistretta. 681 more words

Loyola University Chicago

Tales from the compass

North was not always the “default” or “top” cardinal direction on the compass. At various times, south and east were, too, depending on who was doing the orientating. 453 more words

DIY compass pillowcase

What you’ll need

– Pillow case
– Paint brush
– Some old papers
– Scissor
Compass image
Fabric paint

Step 1

Cut out your compass image and place it on your pillowcase. 97 more words