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Wait a second. Is it morning?

For much of the year biking into work means biking, for all practical purposes, at night. The only indication that it is actually early morning is the time. 241 more words


Day 6. Pitch Black


Seasons are changing and the early morning commutes are getting pretty dark. This image was taken on my Note 4 while in motion, trying my hardest not to drop my phone or end up in the water. 29 more words


Riding Metro-North S/N. With Crawford.

The Show plays same time daily. Pre-dawn in a tight band around 4:30 am.
Zeke‘s bred to hunt birds. His Dad, to wake free of alarms. 581 more words


Crossing NE 40th St on the 520 trail in Redmond

To be honest, I don’t recommend it.  This intersection is not designed for people despite the large number that walk and bike through it, and it’s only a matter of time before someone is hurt or killed.  1,044 more words


I’ve been commuting to the city for about a month now and as a driver, I am so confused by bikers. I have no idea what their hand signals mean. 164 more words


Friday Maddening Run

Nothing really new, I saw, on my way to the train station today, on the I-15 South as the first day of the reversible freeway taking effect. 189 more words


Ride Solutions Annual Clean Commute Challenge

May is officially here and it is time to step up our responsibility as active commuters to protect the environment!  288 more words