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That time Germany literally infected Russia with Memes

I burst out laughing at the park today at the sudden thought of Germany sending Lenin on a sealed train to Russia, the train an enormous syringe injecting the Marxist meme-virus–carried in an actual human body–that then infected and took over the whole country. 33 more words

Vintage USSR Soviet collection pin

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

Georgia's most famous son, alas

If Stalin could return to his home town in the central plains of Georgia, he would have reason to be gratified. Sixty-two years after his death the modest house where he was born is carefully maintained as a shrine in his honour. 1,290 more words

Beauty Business

This isn’t a promoted post. Actually, they may not even send me the bag I’ve already paid for after this rant. I happened to read about FabBag in some magazine and decided to give it a try. 929 more words


Mr. President, You're No Ronald Reagan

As the 2016 campaign cycle begins to whir, no one will be surprised to see many Republican candidates claiming the mantle of Ronald Reagan. What is a surprise is to see President Obama also competing in the “Reagan sweepstakes.” Yesterday… 1,182 more words

Shadow Government

On Left and Right Deviations

Within the communist movement there are many errors that revolutionaries can make on the path to building proletarian revolution. Two of the most notable errors on this path are “left” and “right” deviations. 220 more words