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ACMA knows what's what... What?

The last text I critiqued was BuzzFeedVideo’s ‘People try the Apple Watch for the first time’ video. This week I am looking at ACMA’s blog post ‘Supply & demand: Catch-up TV leads Australians’ online video use’. 458 more words

Communications And Media

A Simple Trick to Reduce Cross-Cultural Confusion

Have you ever been to a business meeting that felt like this?

I love communications.  Back in the day, I spent hours learning the comprehensibility of different typefaces… 447 more words


FM radio on your smartphone

Smartphones have a built-in FM radio chip and yet you do not see FM.


It has been disabled.

The mobile networks make money by selling expensive data. 106 more words


Random Issues and Other Nonsense

Computer wonks professionals are always focused on security above all else. Of course, the most secure computer is the one that is not only disconnected from the internet, but also, unplugged, disassembled and the individual pieces mashed with a sledgehammer. 197 more words


How Trust Helps Solve Problems

The level of trust in a group has a profound impact on the ease with which they solve problems.

I sit on several Boards of Directors, and one of them is a pretty low trust group. 370 more words

Enabling Actions

People always question failure. What about questioning success?

Almost regardless of the job level you have, if you’ve failed at something at work, someone has been up in your arse crack about it. “ 648 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Multichoice: Courts Can’t Fix Subscription Rates

Multichoice Nigeria Limited, owners and operators of DSTV, has said that in free market economy, courts 268 more words