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The End of Tolerance

Because the Daily Beast is a thoughtful forum of opinion and observation, Sally Kohn’s contempt for people with whom she disagrees is surprising and disappointing. She… 197 more words


5 ways to keep in contact during your travels

Taking the time to travel for the long-term means that it can be difficult to stay in contact with friends and family back home.

Constantly changing timezones, an often hectic schedule and the pressure to do and see as much as possible means that it can be all too easy to forget to keep in touch with those closest to you. 442 more words


A Genuine Hermit in the Woods.

This is an amazing story, and I am not going to be a bad usher.  I will just say this that the Hermit is an archetype and a very powerful image. 8 more words


an email from Lora and a bit of the aftermath

For all the pain and insanity that went on, it was completely sane and respectful.

She wrote to tell me that she had a feeling I was waiting for an enraged email, and she wanted to let me know that wasn’t going to happen. 1,299 more words

Personal Polyamory

Cat-In-The-Box: And What Box Do I Fit?

This box was the perfect fit for one of my young cats–so comfortable that a flash-assisted iPad photo didn’t wake her.

After stumbling on this photo in my files, I started thinking about myself and whether I fit comfortably and completely into a box–my own or someone else’s. 1,474 more words

On Aging

Reflecting on my Blugold experience

I graduated in Dec. 2014, so it might not be entirely accurate to call myself a recent graduate anymore. However, it is just now beginning to sink in. 594 more words


6 reasons to sue your doctor-and how to stop them from happening- Part 1

In the March 2015 issue of Medical Economics, attorney Richard Baker wrote,  “Being sued for malpractice, especially for the first time, can be an unsettling and frustrating experience for a… 699 more words

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