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Bad Blood or Jesus Blood?

This week I found out that two people who were related to each other and had not spoken in almost ten years, mended their relationship. I had been praying about this ever since their falling out, because both are dear to me. 1,128 more words


Forces in Bloom; A Day to Remember Poem

Forces in Bloom; A Day to Remember Poem

Lovers’ chase one another on the shore

Exploring their feelings they never felt before

The rise in the tide as their hearts race, 25 more words


Finding Compassion for My Husband: What a Difference It Makes!

“You want to leave me alone for two days with our two week old baby? Are you crazy?” My husband had mentioned to me a month or two ago that he had a work conference coming up, but it wasn’t until he reminded me of it this week that I realized how much I did not want him to go away so soon after the birth of our first baby. 1,125 more words


Selfish, Emojis, and the End of Civilization

Much in the style of an old man yelling at neighborhood urchins to get off his lawn, Jonathan Jones of the Guardian has decided that the young, hip, and cool trend of using emojis in text and online conversations is “plainly a step back” in human progress. 894 more words


Community Service Connections

I’ve mentioned before that I’m always curious to see the comparison between my original written pieces and the final pieces after they go through the editing and design process. 164 more words


The kids that break your heart

Filing photos is an emotionally taxing task.

It’s not easy flicking through the faces of kids who have been sexually abused. Equally powerful are pictures of the parents determined to have justice for their son or daughter. 177 more words

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