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My boss doesn't listen!

Do you know what occurs to me when someone complains that their manager doesn’t listen? It’s this: Perhaps you don’t give your boss a reason to listen. 437 more words

Chapter 06: Strengthening Your Personal Skills

The Digital Divide

During the transition from the 19th century into the 20th century, society faced a lot of major changes (CQU 2015). The 20th century brought upon a new era, with the emergence of mass society, electricity creating a ‘wired world’ (CQU 2015) and major developments that reinvented transport and everyday technology (Crowley & Heyer 2011). 436 more words

Or how to find yourself no closer to an answer.

I’m expecting this to be an absolute mess, so if I somehow glean any kernel of truth or insight, I’ve both won and failed. As ever… 946 more words


Television and Social Media

Social media is fast replacing the necessity for personal interaction as it is now the dominant medium of communication in today’s digital age (Nagy & Midha 2014). 505 more words

Common Mistakes we Make Every Day....

We all make health-related mistakes every day. From sneezing into our palms, to forgetting to wash our hands before eating, but there are a few very common health mistakes that don’t necessarily make sense unless you’re  a doctor. 787 more words

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Message For the Day..." Eyes with which one can see everything that is outside can not see themselves..."


Vikshepa is an affliction of the mind that consists of worldly distractions; various spiritual exercises (sadhanas) are undertaken to overcome it and realise the Divine. The  121 more words

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