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The complexities and simplicities of measuring national commitments to financial inclusion

Charles Marwa

There are various methods to measure and demonstrate the impact of a global commitment platform such as the Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s (AFI) Maya Declaration—a platform where AFI member institutions make commitments to increase financial inclusion in their countries—from the simple aggregation of national results to more complex randomized controlled trials. 514 more words

Measuring Financial Inclusion

You are never alone

Hezekiah 6:1 says, “God helps those who help themselves.” Can I get an amen? Perhaps a “Preach it, brother?” No? Why not?! “This is not a biblical citation,” you reply. 3,863 more words

Small Group Lessons


I have read the books,seen the movies and fantasized the heart warming play by play of a fairy tale. Only, the laid down scenes don’t really happen in real life. 439 more words

My 2 Cents

What's driving me to do better?

These images below and my previous posts… the good memories and the bad… the hole in the soul… the missing jigsaw to my realisation to life commitments. 637 more words


Stress ~ Managing your Perception

The best advice I have ever received on managing the expectations leaders face from the people they lead and serve was from my dad. I watched as he spoke to our church for the first time over 14 years ago. 413 more words


Should probably make a list...

I’m at the doctors tomorrow morning to review how I’m feeling with these meds.

Last time I went I was so scared of what would happen if I told the truth I just said everything was kind of improving, and I was only getting the occasional panic attack every now and again (which is kind of true). 530 more words

5 Things Professionals Would Never Do

If you want to one day enter the working world, or you already have, you want to be seen as a professional, don’t you? People love working with professionals, so you should try your  best to be one! 436 more words

Working World