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Day 60 ~ Sleep Tight

I just read an article that said one of the easiest ways to eliminate potentially 200 calories from your diet each day is to get more sleep at night. 364 more words


My own personal belief is this…Walk in front when you need to lead and protect. Walk behind when you to listen and need guidance.  Above all else, walk side by side through it all. 382 more words


Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions...One Step at a Time

We have officially made it to March! How many of you have kept on course with your New Year’s resolutions?

I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself this year. 148 more words


Okay, time to get back on track... or it's good to be reminded I am in a people business

Well, February was a tough month physically, personally and professionally. It feels like the journey back to prosperity is under way but some professional things I am working on remind of times past and the emotional state of clients in dire straights. 372 more words

I Asked, They Answered, and I Feel Better.

When you’re trying to lose weight, don’t under-estimate the power of a good support system.

I was feeling pretty down earlier in the week because my scale was being a real dbag. 175 more words


The Jigsaw Puzzle that is Teamwork

Parents today have tons of opportunities to involve their kids in the community, including play groups, after school programs, church groups, gyms, and boy/girl scouts. Programs like the Boy/Girl Scouts have made a big difference in the lives of many men and women throughout the years, some have said that their experiences in those groups taught them more than what they learned in school, and prepared them better for the challenges of life and work than anything else had. 330 more words