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February 28, 2015 – The Truth According to Google…

Below is linked an article which details how Google is going to modify its search engine.  Instead of ranking web sites based upon the number of links to the site Google is going to try to divine the “truthfulness” of a site and base its ranking on it.  303 more words


All Choked Up...

Boy am I glad that I am done with chapter thirty-two. I have never been so choked up by what I was writing than in that chapter. 217 more words

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Will the Real President Please Step Forward?

By Richard Edmondson

A week ago Israeli forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at a group of Palestinian children, ages six to twelve, who had gathered on a public street in Hebron to perform a dance. 3,390 more words


Ukraine Inferno: Novorossia TV Documentary

The people of Novorossia have really thrown a monkey wrench into the best laid plans of Western mice and men. This is the case not only on the military front, but in the media front as well. 153 more words


DeepMind takes baby steps, but this is significant

When, a year ago, Google bought, for a reported $400M, a small and previously little known British artificial intelligence startup called DeepMind, the acquisition was widely reported, the general press essentially saying; “Gosh golly, these tech type geniuses are, like .. 1,229 more words


Commentary: How science celebrities often hurt science


Czech physicist Luboš Motl, at the Reference Frame, offers a perspective on celebrity scientists.

So I have mentioned that the “positive roles” attributed to the science pop stars don’t depend on their research quality or, more generally, on their knowledge of and relationship to the cutting-edge science. 614 more words


A Weekend Post. By the way, do you use a pedometer?

Hi, so this post will be a bit different. I’ve had a really long day (a really long week, actually) and I’d rather keep it simple.  972 more words