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What Millennials are Tired of Hearing

One thing I’m tired of hearing is how lazy millennials are, especially when referring to college students and graduates trying to enter the job market. 272 more words


Many expats seem to forget that they choose to be here

You hear the gripes, complaints and sparks of indignation all the time.

Expats regularly find fault with Cambodia in general and Phnom Penh in particular, and I hardly am blameless (as this post arguably demonstrates). 688 more words


Pick Your Poison

There are many different political and economic positions which various people take. Some emphasise the need to give private companies more power and freedom (such as libertarianism) while others advocate greater government control, possibly with the claim that that is better for the majority (like socialism). 459 more words


A Silly Question....

Ok, readers, got a BIG question. Which would gain attention quicker? Remaining unaffiliated with a “publisher”? Finding a publisher to carry my books? Or becoming my own publisher and publishing my books with a publisher logo?

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PSTS Hates Tales of Symphonia 2: Episode 38 - MIGHTY KOUGLAF

Here is where it begins: average soldiers suddenly able to overlimit at the drop of a hat, taking out our heroes and their pets as soon as they care to attack. 21 more words

Video Games

Smash Wrestling - Art of War

Smash Wrestling’s Art of War – Sunday April 26, 2015

If you’re a wrestling fan, you haven’t had the total experience of sports entertainment until you’ve attended an indie.  193 more words


Monday Motivation: Introducing the Fish Tax

Welcome to the Monday Motivation, featuring everything you need to know about what anti-choicers are saying about us this week.

What’s more frightening: the fact that  393 more words