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Man, I love YouTube! Chasing down Memory Lane ~ Verroom!

Hey all, I am busy writing up the story of the 60th birthday bash, so hang in there – it’s a fabulous story and I have got to do it justice. 671 more words

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My 60th Birthday ~ how did I get here?

Three score and…. That’s it. Three score. I am old enough that Lincoln’s Gettysburg address rings true minus a score and seven years… Agh! How did I get here and whose hands are those?! 554 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

Race Discussions and Caffeine at Starbucks

Starbucks is launching a year long campaign to improve race relations. Your next cup of coffee may have “Race Together” written on it and your barista will be happy to chat with you about improving race relations. 61 more words

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A wee Saint Patrick's Day Joke

This just made me laugh and laugh:

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Found this again ~ still makes me laugh....

In support of Bloggers taking Five

You may have noticed that bloggers are ducking out for a day, a week or maybe a month here and there. Some are quite courteous about it, giving notice to their readers. 318 more words

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Straining Credulity ~ Hillary Clinton's Emails

Much ado over recent revelations that Hillary Clinton, serving as Secretary of State, did not use a .gov email, but rather, chose to create and maintain her very own personal server… 291 more words

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Google Invests in 500 year life span....

Just a note in passing, without any in depth research. I heard today that Google was investing in prolonging the human life span to 500 years old. 237 more words

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