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Simplifying narratives: cetacean excretion, whaling politics and climate change

by Benedict Singleton*

Can scientific knowledge on the bowel movements of whales help to address climate change? As the history of the whaling debate shows, there are risks to simplistic narratives.

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Towards Substantive Democracy


Penang Monthly
Editor’s Column — March 5, 2015

Democracy is a big word, and like all big words it is given to controversy and misuse. 552 more words


Best Of 2015's Early Months

The first two months of this year have been remarkable, in terms of how much really good music has been released. With that being the case, and since I like lists, here are my five favorite albums and songs so far this year (in no particular order): 756 more words


How Did Jesus Treat Women?

I am re-posting a recent blog article written by Shirley Taylor at “bWe Baptist Women for Equality’s Blog,” found here: https://bwebaptistwomenforequality.wordpress.com/

Shirley’ promotional material notes that she “writes with humor and common sense, challenging the church body to reclaim equality for Christian women.” 2,507 more words

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Paying Homage to the Senator with the Snowball

Senator Inhofe tried to make the case that global warming is fake because it is currently very cold in the Eastern United States. It is indeed right now unusually cold in the Eastern United States, but the planet on the whole is having an unusually warm year. 150 more words


[AP] Discussion Board for Nabokov

Please use this post as a forum to post your questions, comments, concerns, etc about Nabokov. Each of you should post one original comment and respond to at least two other people. 41 more words

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Great Commentaries On Daniel And Revelation!

Would you like to understand more of the prophecies in these two unique books in the Holy Word? Would you like to also learn how to apply the messages of the prophecies to your daily life? 49 more words