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Are some regulations past their time?

If you’ve been catching up on some of the dark side’s socio-political blogs lately, you may have come across a post mentioning that a “tree shrine” used by residents to rest was cleared by the Singapore Land Authority for encroachment of state land. 296 more words


The Feast of the Pentecost: Year B

John 20:19-23

Peter Chrysologus, like Chrysostom and other Fathers, sees the darkness in verse 19 as spiritual as well as literal; minds clouded by the grief of what they had seen on Good Friday had not yet been cleared by contact with the Risen Lord. 570 more words


Ore Monogatari!! - Takeo and Suna are Best for Shoujo Business

I was never a big fan of shoujo. Not to say I hate them but every shoujo anime/manga I had seen are something of this kind-the wimpy heroine who easily cry even as you poke her slightly, and the pretty boy who started dating the heroine after some shoujo hijinks. 805 more words


Fellow Blogger's Commentary Related to Why, I Believe, People Have Long Been Concerned About TLC's Patriarchal Duggar Family

I would like to draw your attention to a fellow blogger’s website on which she has posted an excellent, well-researched article pertaining to why many people have long been very concerned about TLC’s Duggar family who subscribe to, practice, and promote the teachings of the contemporary “patriarchal” movement. 697 more words

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Victoria CRD - deer and rats

Victoria, British Columbia, among many positive attributes, is also called the City of Gardens, nestled at the Southern End of Vancouver Island. Mediterranean climate. Who doesn’t like Victoria Capital Regional District with all municipalities attached to this section of southern Vancouver Island. 278 more words


EDS 151 – Instructional Media Resources - eJournal entry for module 2: Technology Integration in Instruction

In the previous module, I learned that the ability for a student to grasp a certain lecture becomes better and productive as the level of the abstraction becomes higher. 584 more words

Santorum Suggests Bombing the Middle East into the 7th Century

Rick Santorum said that the threat of the Islamic State should be countered with a more aggressive U.S. mission:

If ISIS wants to establish a seventh-century caliphate, let’s oblige them by bombing them back to the seventh century.

214 more words