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Gospel 14th Sunday in OT, year B

Mark 6:1-6

One characteristic of Mark’s Gospel, as of the others, is that the Evangelist makes no attempt to gloss over difficult parts of the story he has to tell; as the recipients of the Gospels would either have known Jesus, or known those who had, it would have undermined their credibility to have missed out things which others knew. 241 more words


CYCLING - safety and tips

It is a well known fact that cyclists sharing a road with motorized vehicles and have a run-in or collision never win. Precautions can be taken, of which one of the most important ones is COLOUR, according to the mantra “Be Seen/Be Safe”. 195 more words


A photographer is defined from their body of work...be careful what goes into it.

Taken in part from my forthcoming artists’ book:

Presenting Photography to Curators and Museums

A photographer is defined from their body of work. This body of work can be focused or eclectic, it can be composed of single images or projects. 850 more words


Hey Wonderful!

Hey Wonderful.

You are the most beautiful, most amazing person I only meet when our humanity explodes into the universe. Breath, speech, a post somewhere on the internet. 55 more words


So much about truth in acting, in being an actor. What constitutes truth in acting anyway?


Photography forums are not run for love of photography…they are run for love of $.

From my earliest beginnings in photography to current times I’ve been censored. Here is a partial list of sites that have banned me, blocked my posts or told me to stop posting. 208 more words


1 John Chapter 4:7-21 Antique Commentary Quotes

Cambridge Bible

1 John 4:7

7–21. Love is the Mark of the Children of the God who is Love

7. Beloved, let us love one another] See on 1Jn_3:2. 5,448 more words

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