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Thanks for visiting

A blog is nothing without readers! Thanks for visiting my site and reading what I have to say. Come back again!

Also (if you haven’t done so already) check out the… 47 more words

Having the best tweet in the house

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Watching the footy at home alone on TV can be a strange and lonely experience. While the comforts of a couch, good heating, very reasonably priced food and drinks and the lack of a queue for access to a clean toilet make watching footy from home a most pleasant experience, it’s a bit odd to get so worked up and excited with no one else around to share it with. 388 more words


Eye Kandy Glitter Review

Hi everyone! So today’s post is going to be about a particular brand that I have recently found out about at The Makeup Show in the city, I have mentioned in some of my previous posts that I attended this event in December with my mom, and there were tons of cosmetic brands at this event that were selling their products for great deals. 573 more words

Questioning The Male Mind 

Today was a very interesting day, it’s the third day after my friend Jason lost Jamie’s keys.

Now if you own a set of keys, you understand the importance of having these keys. 131 more words


Why do earthquakes kill?

Amy G, a seismologist, argues that poverty and inequality must be tackled to reduce the suffering caused by earthquakes.

Almost 3800 people are reported dead and over 7000 injured from the… 584 more words




So I have been wanting to do a Q&A post for a while now, and I am finally doing one! 105 more words