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EU debate: "We will have to be making strong and principled arguments against immigration controls and for open borders whichever side we end up on"

Luke Evans discusses some of the term of debates that revolutionary socialist should hold in mind when debating the EU referendum

There will be a referendum on EU membership, as a consequence of the Tory majority victory in the UK general election. 1,542 more words


Disney Princesses: The Good, The Bad, The Wrong

It’s time. I’m going there: Disney Princesses. Let’s be blunt here, they’re not historically accurate. They’re so not historically accurate, that it has become fashionable to recreate them as historically-accurate figures. 309 more words


FIFA: Corruption and crisis

Nathan J Bolton discusses the scandals that have rocked the FIFA authorities. This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of the rs21 magazine. 757 more words


War by numbers doesn't favour the RAF

The Royal Air Force doesn’t have the capacity for increasing the size of the force it has deployed against ISIS. The Financial Times writes that although eight more Tornadoes could be deployed alongside the eight already in Cyprus and six Reaper drones stationed around the Middle East, it would stretch the fleet’s abilities to breaking point. 294 more words


It's been a while...

Apologies I’ve been very slack… So here are some pics to bring you up to date.

18 more words


Apprenticeships: it's quality, not numbers that matter

Apprenticeships have been thrust centre stage by the new government. In May, it was revealed in the Queen’s speech that – much like the title “university” – the word apprenticeship will become a protected term. 506 more words


The Aftermath of Not Achieving Outstanding

I’m an avid fan of the Chelsea Flower Show. In recent years ‘Chelsea’ has been subject to some controversy with critics questioning the revised scoring system, what represents Gold and how seemingly Gold exhibitions achieve the less coveted Silver Gilt? 914 more words