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Indirect Discrimination

Indirect discrimination is often a difficult concept for employers to get to grips with.    It involves a provision, criterion or practice (PCP) that appears neutral and is intended by an employer to be neutral but when scrutinised, puts a group with a protected characteristic (race, sex, age etc) at a disadvantage.   237 more words

Case Law

Unlimited holiday: the employer’s view

Cardiff accountancy firm EST Accountants and Tax Advisers has introduced an unlimited holiday policy for its employees. Director Barry Esterhuizen explains why he is allowing his employees to take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want. 401 more words


Transactional socialization, corporate empathy and depression

Empathy. As we can see in this sick TED talk about animal behavior, it’s something that humans and animals share. As the dude says, empathy is one of the pillars of morality. 672 more words

Ten Years on From Make Poverty History

Pete Cannell reflects on being involved in the large protests around the Make Poverty History campaign and the G8 Alternatives that took place in Scotland 10 years ago. 854 more words


Fighting the Prevent agenda

From Trojan Horse plots to tales of children going to Syria, those who work in the public sector will not be strangers to counter-terrorism law. Lois JC considers where counter-terror policies come from, their racist roots, and how we confront them in our workplaces. 952 more words


Charles Spurgeon's Letters-Letter 19

Extract from letter from C. H. Spurgeon to his mother, November, 1852:—

I am more and more glad that I never went to College. God sends such sunshine on my path, such smiles of grace, that I cannot regret if I have forfeited all my prospects for it. 145 more words


Strawberry Lane: Five key points from public meeting

Around 13 local residents attended a public meeting about Leeds City College withdrawing from Strawberry Lane Community Centre in Armley. 197 more words