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Bears on the Ceiling

  Bears on the Ceiling

Ceilings should play their part in displaying toys.

This is a hammock of Famous Bears that constituted a quiz during our Family Events one Summer. 69 more words


Poetry - Pome of the Day - Breeding Idiots

Breeding Idiots

So the brood mare has sprogged yet again
Its a nice boost for Dave at No.10
While Kate’s tits are sagging
His popularity’s lagging… 12 more words

Der "Augsburger Trichter"

Jeder kennt den berühmten “Nürnberger Trichter“, die seit Jahrhunderten scherzhaft überlieferte Methode aus der spitzen Feder von Georg Harsdörffer, “Wissen” mittels einen Trichter ohne große Anstrengung in die Gehirne der Menschen zu träufeln. 74 more words


Act Now Against Cipro! The FDA is Ready!

Cipro is only one killer of many in the fuoroquinolone class antibiotics!

As some of you may know, I have filed at the FDA a Citizen’s Petition again the antibiotic drug class fluoroquinolones, the most frequently prescribed antibiotics today. 189 more words



so this is my first post, please follow I follow back xc


What are Little Exhibitions Made of, Made of……?

What are Little Exhibitions Made of, Made of……?


What happens to the stuff of play?

Accumulation.                           Hey!

To hoard   and hoard   and hoard

More    and more    and more…

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