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37: You Are What You Eat

So there you are, playing your Kresh the Bloodbraided deck without a care in the world, confident that a steady supply of +1/+1 counters would solve anything your opponent could throw at you. 436 more words


Tiny Leaders: Take Two

I wrote a while back about Tiny Leaders as an emerging format globally as well as in my local play group. Now that people have been playing for a few weeks, I thought I’d write a follow up on the format. 346 more words

Magic The Gathering

36: The Kirlian Effect

Your white-blue deck is looking across the table at another white-blue deck, but it’s not quite a mirror match. You and Jacopo are playing different commanders, and therefore you’re technically playing different strategies. 385 more words


You Should be Playing This Card #13: Deadeye Navigator

In this series I’ll be highlighting a card that I think you should really consider for your Commander decks.

In Commander, if you’re in blue, here are a few reasons you should be playing Deadeye Navigator. 277 more words

Crowd Sourcing and how it can change History - InvestigatingHistory.org

Have you ever heard the term CROWDSOURCING? Did you know crowdsourcing can be used to solve history and unsolved mysteries?

Here is the Wiki definition of Crowdsourcing: 243 more words

Commander Breakdown: Sidisi's Loyal Legion

I figured I was way overdue for a post about my favorite format, Commander. The format is great because it allows for more social interactions between players, you get to see a lot of variance between decks based on the same commander, and there are a lot of unorthodox win conditions that make their way onto the battlefield. 1,244 more words

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Inside Oak Island? These 3 Questions may change your view. CommandersQuest.com

Everyday there are hundreds of questions sent to me via social media and a vast majority seem to be about Oak Island, not the series, but the actual geographical feature of the ISLAND. 960 more words