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Feeling like shit.

I don’t know where to start.

1) I am genderqueer. Non-binary. You should know that, because you’re reading this. And I gotta come out to someone. 183 more words

Coming Out

Speaking from experience, it’s impossible to ignore the doubts of coming out. What if your parents don’t agree? Will they understand? Will they look at you differently? 622 more words


Day of Silence

Spiritual Friendship does not have a lot in common with the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN). On most questions related to sexuality, we hold positions very different from theirs. 3,035 more words


Coming Out

Hello, World! My name is XEA! I started this blog some time ago, but I ended up deleting every post I wrote because I could not bring myself to continue on as I was doing. 1,869 more words


Photo: When Family Doesn’t Mind

Mike Daemon recently came out to his brother via whatsapp. And below is the brief chatversation that ensued. 34 more words


treading water

My apartment will have comfortable furniture and clean carpet.  I will have fresh flowers and light candles and will always be prepared just in case someone stops by unexpectedly.   523 more words

Coming Out While Married

One of the most challenging situations to come out in the midst of is a heterosexual marriage.  Add children to the mix and the guilt can be excruciating.   728 more words