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Introducing: The Odds by Bill Harvey

The Odds is a single panel comic strip featuring married seniors Tad and Elmira Odd.
It covers recurring themes, such as married life, doctors, dieting, the workplace, culture, the economy….. 222 more words


A Rose by Any Other Name

I always thought that Farmer’s Pube would be a good name for a flower. Or an ale.


Roughabite Children's Comic Strip created by Jamaal R. James

In this posting our friend is stillllllllllll working on his project. Man when will our friend be done? Oh well who knows. Enjoy. 15 more words

Roughabite Comic Strip

Cash Machine

I always seem to be stuck behind very slow people. A while back I was in a queue for a cash machine with a guy in front who seemed very impatient. 36 more words