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Daily doodle: Aquaman

Is so much cooler and makes much more sense in the Jason Momoa version right?


Back to work, Edward!

I know it’s fallen out of favor with Comic Book fans, but I really liked Batman Forever when it came out. I think Val Kilmer’s time as Batman was too short. 458 more words

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Daredevil Month: The Kingpin is Daredevil?

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. Back in 2004, Marvel published a few issues set in their Marvel Knights 2099 continuity, one of which starred a member of the Fisk family as the future Daredevil. 855 more words


Voyage to the bottom of the Sea (In a cardboard Box)

Voyage to the bottom of the sea

(In a cardboard box)

Imagine you’re a kid again aged around 9 or 10, no really imagine it… oh come on I’m an old bugger and I can do it, ok that’s better because you have to suspend belief and put aside the cynicism you have cultivated over the years to see these American comic adverts from the 1960’s as I once saw them, saw them and desired everyone of them. 1,844 more words

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More Trek Uniforms...with a little comic book flair...

I think i’ve mentioned a few times how much I enjoy Star Trek and comic books, Star Trek Online, etc…During one of those little runs of drawing and sketching uniforms, just for kicks I tried a couple of the designs form the STO game. 65 more words