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Comic Review: A-Force #2

Just a reminder–I’m not reading Secret Wars at large, so the greater context and ramifications that might be reverberating off of other comic series throughout the cross-over event are going to be entirely lost on me. 371 more words


Patton Oswalt-like rant on the Green Lantern-Hornet movies: Part 2: No bias whatsoever

(Anything Geoff Johns does,) they’re all main events.

Hence why everybody hates the movie.

No bias whatsoever?

Like ok. Shitty special effects.

I’ll say this:

434 more words

Patton Oswalt-like rant on the Green Lantern-Hornet movies: Part 1: Rocksteady's Arkham Lantern

After reading up about a Jurassic Park’s fans reviews glorifying a franchise’s latest cash cow installment that I didn’t care for, I’ll say this:

People are like that xD… 194 more words


George Romero Winds Things Down --- And Up --- In "Empire Of The Dead : Act Three" #3

Yeah, I know — this review is late. But hey, so was the book. So let’s explain both, shall we?

The third issue of George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Act Three… 816 more words

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1 vs 1

These last few weeks my newly purchased comic books have been doing battle in a competition I’m calling 1 vs 1. The premise is simple. I purchase 2 #1 issues and pick which one is the winner (which gets the #2 purchased). 139 more words

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My Manga

I don’t post anything on this website anymore but I publish two pages of my manga every week on my new website, fightechian.wordpress.com


Knight Rider 2030 Comic pg 2 | Hazardpublishing.com

It may interest the reader to note the clip-board hanging from the computer terminal in panel four of page two. The following is the easter egg that is that clip board. 97 more words

The Thrill Of Ink