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Review: The Black Hood #2

THE BLACK HOOD #2 by Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos

The second installment of Dark Circle’s maiden voyage is here and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Duane Swierczynski wisely deviates from what is considered the norm when it comes to vigilante stories. 241 more words

REVIEW: Packs of the Low Country

(2015, Self-Released)

Written by John Dudley
Line Art/Washes by Don Cardenas
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick, Mark Dale, Drew Browne
Letters by Jon Westhoff

Every time I think I’ve seen the end of the world done in the last possible way, I see it again. 564 more words

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Comic Reviews: The Walking Dead and D4ve!


 The Walking Dead #139 (Image Comics)

 The Walking Dead has been in an interesting place for the past few issues. Since the time jump, we’ve been introduced to new characters, seen old favorites in new positions of power, and haven’t seen hide nor hair of Michonne. 734 more words

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REVIEW: Stronghold #6

(RedLine Comics, 2015)

Written by Brain Visaggio
Art by Kevin Roberts
Letters by Zakk Saam
Edits by Heather Antos

For those of you who have been following the adventures of an intrepid band of humans, fighting for their right to live on a free world, welcome back. 521 more words

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REVIEW: The Winter Soldier #6

(Marvel Comics, 2015)

Written by Ales Kot
Art by Marco Rudy and Langoon Foss

Ales Kot has become something of a modern day Ian Fleming in that much of his work has featured savvy spy types facing villains bent on world domination in espionage filled narratives containing tons of the tried and true spy thriller tropes. 598 more words

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Who is Wonder Woman?

Who is Wonder Woman? written by Allan Heinberg and illustrated by Terry & Rachel Dodson, turned out to be one of the best Wonder Woman stories I’ve read in awhile. 263 more words

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Chrononauts #1 Review: Time Travel Will Be Televised

Review by Nolan P. Smith

(Victor Valley)—Imagine if you could see history unfold right from your home. Instead of reading about the Civil War, you could see if happen firsthand. 427 more words