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Many people already strongly defend the view that no one has the right to not be offended*, I agree completely. In this post I’ll try to stretch the argument even further, and propose that… 2,055 more words


Cornell girl wonders who the hell Chance the Rapper is?

Last week Cornell University announced their showcase artist for Slope Day 2015: Chance the Rapper. While many students cheered with excitement, others were left scratching their french manicured nails to their wrinkly tanned heads. 282 more words



I believe that we should instate the following regulations:

1) An online bureau of selfie approval ratings. Selfies that are deemed inappropriate are flagged by a panel of experts and removed from the internet. 70 more words


The Comedy Vault - Part 15.

The Adam And Joe Show (Channel 4, 1996-2001)

It probably won’t surprise you to know that I am a fan of this terrific late-night comedy show, with a lot of references and parodies of old TV and adverts from a pair who seemed to wish that it was still 1987, and it gained a cult following. 497 more words

(Documented) Gig 15: The Hive, Mumbai.

I once said that nothing sucks worse than bombing at The Hive. I was wrong. What’s worse than bombing at The Hive is bombing and having tell people that you were good. 373 more words


"Little Miss Sunshine" Movie Review

Cheryl brings her brother Frank home to stay with her after he attempted to commit suicide.  Her entire household is dysfunctional.  They find out that day that the daughter, Olive, has been named a contestant in a kid beauty pageant Little Miss Sunshine.   370 more words


Sing, Cowboy, Sing

American pop singer Dean Reed’s popularity in East Germany cannot be underestimated. He was not called the “Red Elvis” for nothing. He played to packed houses throughout the Eastern Bloc nations, especially in Russia, where he was a huge star. 1,320 more words