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Stepping up behind your friend’s sofa, I put my hands on your shoulders, sliding them down over your collarbones, slowly down to your breasts. My left hand moves across, then up to your neck, under your chin, and I tilt your head back, your face up to mine. 451 more words


Blazers Grab That Elusive W

If you told me a week ago that the Blazers would have a 5 game losing streak, I would have been extremely surprised.

If you told me a week ago that the Blazers would beat the Utah Jazz by three points, I would have been surprised. 230 more words


My Utmost For His Highest: Leave Room For God

Don’t try to make God come to you the way you want Him to, let Him come to you the way He wants to. His ways are so above our ways.



Dust you are: growing small

I run past trees with limbs still winter-bare, each twig curled upward, reaching for heaven.

Some days you can reach and other days your limbs are limp and the longing gone and how then do you find the strength to lift the bare twigs of your soul heavenward? 882 more words

God's Love

Sunday Psalm: Be Still, Seriously?

Oh Lord
Inside I am racing
like a car engine revving up
for its heat in the big race,
go go go
get ‘er done… 264 more words

Blog Jots

Bind us together

Like the anticipation of the arrival of spring, the Word has moving, stirring and growing deeper within me in a few areas as of late, but especially His desire for unity. 482 more words

Blog Jots