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"What Is Money?" Part One: Candy

Everyone can remember paying less as a child for a soda or a candy bar.  Why, we ask?  The answer is normally “inflation.”   What if we were to take another lesson from our childhood and ask “Why?” yet again.  376 more words


This Much I Know... - Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s strange, writing this final column, because I feel as though I should say something final. Something definitive; a wrap-up of some sorts: but, I have no conclusion to offer. 911 more words


Power Blackout; or, Apocalypse Now

I grew up in a one-street village situated (in)conveniently at the bottom of a valley surrounded by woods and wine. Whoever founded the settlement was clearly wasted: while the sunny slopes of the hills did provide a nice site to plant grape vine, rain water tended to flow down the slopes and flood the village on the regular. 881 more words


ROGERS — Technology promises relief from worry about elderly

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at http://www.newsonaut.com.

COLUMN — During the four-hour drive to Vancouver, all kinds of scenarios played through my mind. 628 more words


KNOX — Naming guidelines change with times, governments

Jack Knox, who writes for the Victoria Times Colonist, grew up in Kamloops before the name of the Overlanders Bridge was changed to Flying Phil Gaglardi Bridge. 708 more words


Campus Pursuit: College Treasure Hunts

College Startup: College campus life is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to explore something new and altogether educational. In college, while I attended Hofstra University, there were treasure hunts that would be done by groups of Resident Assistants and Campus Life Ambassadors. 163 more words


It's Column Time! A doubleheader, in fact. It might be as long as a real doubleheader, so plan accordingly.

It all started with An Ode To My Bum, something that I wind up doing every time I a) shop for clothes and catch an unguarded look at the thing (you’d think that Spanx would make it look better, but they don’t) or b) need something to write about and it’s usually the first thing I see. 1,309 more words