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Garni Temple by JohnWright5

Garni Temple. Probably built in 77AD, but heavily reconstructed, a classical Hellenistic, Greco-Roman colonnaded temple in Armenia.

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'Dance of the Reptiles' is a misstep

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Released: 2014

“Wacky,” the back cover says. “Zany,” reviewers cry. “Frequently hilarious,” the author’s website states. “Absolute cow manure,” I reply, because you can’t swear in a classy publication like this. 489 more words


Wrestling in the Clinton Years: Bafflebowl.

By Martin Dixon (@BunnySuicida)

So you’re back.  Unless this is your first time reading so in that case, you’re here. Welcome back to Wrestling in the Clinton years,  soon to be a movie produced by Michael Bay.   1,568 more words




The Greek people are proud of being the inventors of democracy. This concept refers to self-governance on all levels of society. At the moment the economic problems are very difficult to solve, and society is at the edge of a very serious divide. 640 more words


Registered Offenders

Gifts are cool. Thus, in theory, gift registries should also be cool. I really want to like gift registries in the same way I like the novelty food at minor league ballparks. 757 more words


Spirited Faith

Aside from Tacloban, a city that was severly damaged by Typhoon Yolanda, there is also this little town in the western part of the Visayan region that was as equally as devastated but was given the least attention. 1,072 more words


Column: State of the Marvel Universe

Life After War Time: A Look at the Changes as a Result of Marvel’s Secret Wars

By: Shawn Warner

Marvel has never been afraid to shake things up but an all-inclusive universal re-boot is one thing that many of us thought we would never see but, here we are two issues into what could be the most massive event in comic book history. 1,611 more words

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