Queen Mary and the Delhi Durbar Jewels

The Delhi Durbar, a mass assembly at Coronation Park, Delhi, marked the succession of an Emperor or Empress of India, and there have been three of them, in 1877, 1903, and 1911. 77 more words


Nellie Bly

Journalist, charity worker, writer, industrialist and inventor Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, who wrote under the pen name Nellie Bly.

By the time of this photo, 1890, she had already made her two best known accomplishments. 50 more words


John Steed RIP

Patrick Macnee, who died yesterday (25th June 2015) at the age of 93, in quite an early publicity shot for the TV series “The Avengers, which ran from 1961 to 1969, with an additional two series, “The New Avengers” from 1976 to 1977. 6 more words


The King at the Front

If this drawing of King George V, accompanied by his eldest son Edward Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII), visiting British troops on the Western Front in 1916, resembles a photo in any way, it is entirely due to the skill of the artist, Fortunino Matania. 47 more words


Victoria, the New Queen

Queen Victoria’s reign began in 1837, two years before Louis Daguerre presented his daguerreotype process to the world so, although she was an “early adopter” of photography, the earliest photos of her, as far as I’m aware, are from a reconstruction of her wedding that she and her husband, Albert, undertook just to get the wedding album! 99 more words


Ellen Terry, Victorian Actress

I had to check this photo thoroughly to convince myself it wasn’t modern. Despite some fading and damage, it looks more like a 1970s picture than a photograph taken in 1864. 63 more words