The Real American Gothic

The first element to inspire Grant Wood to paint “American Gothic” was the house. The Dibble House, now more commonly known as the American Gothic House, still stands in Eldon, Iowa, and now attracts well over 15,000 visitors a year. 46 more words


Let's make the past colourful: Realistically Colorised Historical Photos

When we look at historical photographs, which are mostly available in monochrome, we feel like looking into a really old time. But what if those photos were available in colour? 247 more words



Pamir, a four-masted barque, during her 1949 voyage round Cape Horn, the last commercial sailing ship to do so.

Original B&W photo.


Titanic Sea Trials

Before the fateful maiden voyage that ended with a collision with an iceberg, RMS Titanic underwent sea trials, which started at 6 a.m. on Tuesday 2nd April 1912, and lasted about 12 hours. 19 more words


Waiting for the Enemy - the Battle of Britain

An Observer Corps aircraft spotter on the roof of a building in London, watching for enemy planes during the Battle of Britain of the summer and autumn of 1940. 45 more words


Carrot on a Stick - A Wartime Treat!

During the second World War, when sugar was among the foods strictly rationed, there was no ice cream, and the official substitute was a carrot on a stick. 6 more words