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About ~

One of the first things I think people would say about me is that I’m quite a positive and colourful soul (at least that’s how I’d like to be seen by others). 154 more words


Exhibition piece.

And so my first year at University is over, and I’ve finally created something that is a painting and colourful at that.

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Thinking by Doing

Get lost in your art to the point where time disappears

With this project I was trying to make drawing fun again.  I loved drawing when I was little and it didn’t feel like an effort.  

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Coastal Waves

I’ve clambered on rocky shores with the moonlight on my side many times over. Stopping from time to time, I’ll look up, not only to catch my breath and assess the route ahead, but to absorb the wonder of the pellucid cyan at the crest of an oncoming wave. 7 more words



6 namaste paintings ( 3 mostly red, 3 mostly gold) finished now with edges waxed
shown here in my newly plastered but as yet unpainted studio… 54 more words



the remains of a glass of Shiraz (left for a couple of days), taken with macro lens…