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Hominid Shower

Lovely Hominid Shower tonight: thousands of astronauts falling through the sky in a desperate attempt to get home in time for Chimeramas.


Most of these old Re-Entry Suits burn up in the upper atmosphere, leaving lots of sparkly streaks, but some survive to the chute stage. 159 more words

Bill Herbert

Dissecting the Colossal Squid

I believe this video was released back in September and was streamed live but because of my commitments that time I wasn’t able to spare three hours to watch this. 57 more words

this day in the yesteryear: First Photos Taken of a Giant Squid in the Wild (2004)

First Photos Taken of a Giant Squid in the Wild (2004)

In 2004, two teams of Japanese researchers traveled to a sperm whale hunting ground south of Tokyo, where they attached bait, a camera, and a flash to a 3,000-foot (914-m) line. 107 more words

News Update 30 September 2014

Kia ora

Its great to see some really good news stories about museums and galleries recently in amongst the war, crime and election results making headlines. 783 more words

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The Dorley Cycle XXVIII


First segment

It’s only a siren’s song baby

 Part I ; Part II ; Part III ; Part IV

Prelude… 704 more words

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Cutting Edge Television

I can’t seem to get away from rodents this week …

When television was brand new people didn’t really know what to do with it. Some the early attempts were merely… 167 more words