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Rooly awful emulation and improoved voos.

Rooinously emusing

If a kanga didn’t rue a situation,

What requirement would make that kanga rue?

Quite simply, clothing, on them: deprivation -

For kanga, rude, at that stage would ensue. 54 more words


Really Awful stuff generally ...

After a short spell of editing this morning, I decided that getting up had been a really bad idea, so I undid it by returning to bed where I shivered uncontrollably for a couple of hours.  118 more words


Photo Challenge: Reward: Goes Swimmingly

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

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No, this is not Israel... This is New Texas.

How short-sighted aren’t we? Yet so arrogant. I read an interesting article Where is Old Zealand? recently and it got me wondered. What if those tipsy explorers never got there in the first place? 636 more words


Weekly photo challenge: Three Thirds make a Hole

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Rule of Thirds.”

It will be noted that I have put three photos forward for this week’s challenge, and that I have introduced some hokeh pokeh with a DIY 

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Really Awfully Hard to Swallow

Last weekend we went to a site near our new International White Elephant – er, I mean Airport – where thousands upon thousands of barn swallows put on a display before roosting for the night. 253 more words