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"Language is a song like the bird’s language"

A somewhat haphazard enmeshment of memoirs centred on my conversations with Kaurna individuals of the Adelaide Plains. Memory fades, and for that reason I wish to inscribe these narratives of simple soulfulness, into a tangible recollection.   647 more words


Troika Plotting 'Regime Change' in Greece*

Troika Plotting ‘Regime Change’ in Greece*

By Jon Queally

According to the Guardian, which is providing live updates of the negotiations and rallies in Greece… 1,439 more words


how to travel and not be a motherfucker

(answer: you can’t)

I just recently booked a round-trip ticket to Thailand with my boyfriend and I have started to have some serious feelings of discomfort surrounding the fact. 910 more words


Quest to Kill Human Rights Act in U.K.*

Quest to Kill Human Rights Act in U.K.*

By Charlotte Dingle

The U.K.’s Conservative government has put forward many drastic proposals since its election in May, but one particularly stands out against the rest. 936 more words


[Essay Slash Book Review] The Poisonwood Bible

“The beloved Bible,” uttereth Nathan Price, in the manner of some preachers to stress one word per clause. This emphasis, however, when he tries to utter it in the native Kikongo tongue, becomes “poisonwood,” confusing his congregation. 570 more words

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