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Why Don't Black Countries Suffering under IMF Loans get the Same Attention as Greece???

This whole Greece “Crisis” is very interesting to me because all of a sudden people care about the IMF and its loans because one country threatens the European Union meanwhile countries with a majority black population, such as Jamaica, have been crushed by the IMF and its policies for decades yet hardly anyone cared or cried foul while the IMF recommendations devalued the country’s currency, caused living expenses to spike, and placed a tax on local commodities while giving tax breaks to international corporations “in order to attract business.” Just goes to show you how black lives don’t matter in the international financial scheme of things either.  #RemnantsofColonialism


Animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic slave trade.

This interactive, designed and built by Slate’s Andrew Kahn, gives you a sense of the scale of the trans-Atlantic slave trade across time, as well as the flow of transport and eventual destinations. 143 more words


Even the Rain: Exploring the Colonial Present and Solidarity

It is commonly believed that colonialism is a period of the past demarcated by the end of slavery and the independence of the colonies. However, we all currently reside and shape what Derek Gregory calls the colonial present… 868 more words

Colonial Present

Rachel Dolezal Now Claiming to Be Founding Member of Bad Brains

EDITOR”S NOTE: The (only) website that this story was published on is well-known (in the Punk world) for pumping satire called thehardtimes.net and frankly, they ‘punked’ me pretty good with this. 275 more words


#WrongSkin: Twitter campaign by white man who 'identifies as being black' goes viral - Mirror Online

He added: “I stand by #RachelDolezal.”

The Sheffield student claims 10 per cent of people were born in the wrong skin – although offers no basis for that statistic. 119 more words


Civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal misrepresented herself as black, claim parents | World news | The Guardian

They claim that she began to adapt her appearance following her divorce in 2004. “Rachel has wanted to be somebody she’s not. She’s chosen not to just be herself, but to represent herself as an African American woman or a bi-racial person and that’s simply not true,” Ruthanne Dolezal said. 128 more words


Hahebi (night)

And love is still what I crave

In those moments where I was able to truly let go,

I remember love

At night when you were sleeping, 194 more words