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Page 59 The Last Hurrah of February

Savoring time shared with the kids and being in the moment with each tick passing as this last page of the shortest month wanes


The Job Search These Days

Two months ago, I wrote about how the job search was going for me and some opportunities I’ve been presented. I’m writing an update on how said search for employment is going for me now that I’m midway through the semester and graduation is a little over eight weeks away (jeez, that close! 621 more words


"Just Can't Wait to Get On the Road Again"

In May, I will move to my third state for my fourth work experience while in college.  In the Summer of 2013, I packed up a rental car (someone rear ended me while rubber-necking a few days before I was supposed to leave) and moved to South Carolina for my first internship.   739 more words

If THAT was a major . . .

In a recent chat regarding how some college majors are dumb and inapplicable to our lives, we decided that if we got majors in things that actually applied to our lives, our titles would be much different. 155 more words


All By Myself & The Empty Fridge Challenge

Since my roommate has been kicked out I’ve decided that in order to keep myself from going insane I should try to keep up with this blog more. 606 more words


社交ダンス / Ballroom Dancing

今日は学校の「Ballroom Dancing(社交ダンス)クラブ」にお邪魔してきました。学校には「アートクラブ」、「シンギングクラブ」など個人が企画するさまざまな部活動があります。中でもこの「社交ダンスクラブ」は特に頻繁に活動が行われています。




かく言う私は根っこからのシャイなので未だにできないのですが。>< アメリカのようなオープンな環境の中で育ってみたかったです。^^*


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